Thursday, May 28, 2009

A deeper look at the dealership closings.

Economic standpoint :
Why would anyone close down these dealerships? Chrysler only stands to profit from these dealerships, Chrysler does not run these dealerships - Independent businessmen do, who buy Chrysler cars, auto parts, etc. - Chrysler does not lose one penny, all they do is earn. From that standpoint this makes no sense, especially since an overwhelming majority of these dealerships are very profitable - which means, it is making Chrysler money as well.

Political standpoint :
The economic standpoint makes no sense, but some reporting by World Net Daily, that decided to some real research into the subject, found some interesting trends - most dealers who were shut down, have contributed money to Republican candidates. Now, isn't that convenient.

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1 comment:

Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Obama thinks he’s Tony Soprano now- strong-arming legitimate, legal rights and claims from hedge funds… mafia-style, including union death-threats… so he could hand 55% of Chrysler over to the UAW, who donated $5M to his campaign.

If that’s not stealing, I don’t know what is… it doesn’t matter how much you dislike hedge funds.

Now he’s destroying the evil capitalists that didn’t support his fraudulent, disingenuous campaign?

The White House says there’s “no evidence”- note that Hitler was careful to only give verbal orders, too… and Obama’s not new to this sort of thing.

Obama’s completely out-of-control. But what did anyone expect with a neutered press, compliant congress, and cabinet full of sycophants?