Sunday, May 31, 2009

The waste stinks - part two.

Yesterday I shared with you, about how nearly 500,000 dollars was sent to Union New York - to fight off homelessness, in a City that does not have homelessness, plus this has nothing to do with so called "creating jobs", its a waste of money, and Union New York will just use the money for whatever purpose they want - which is against what the original plan is, although if they use it for a taxcut for their citizens - go right ahead.

Altoona & Harrisburg Pennsylvania :

Apart of the same un-stimulating homelessness fund, these two Keystone state cities received over 1.6 million dollars to fight homelessness in their areas, surprise-surprise, there is no or very little homelessness they can even use the money for against homelessness! Republican Congressman had to find this information out by searching the Internet for articles, because the "Fed.(number for Joe Biden)recovery website will not be up and running to maybe next year!

These cities will also use the funds for whatever the want now, unless they are using these funds for taxcuts - they should send the money back, with a little note attached "Dear Washingon, we are not like you, we will not spend money that is not ours!".

1.5 Billion dollars went towards homelessness programs, I bet most of it went to areas that don't even have a problem,such as Union New York, Altoona & Harrisburg Pennsylvania. 3 projects in just two days, we have an waste amount of 2.2 million dollars, I cannot wait to count some more waste next weekend.

The stimulus was a joke, waste, fraud, corruption, and just plain wrong.

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LarryT said...

If a city get stimulus money to fight homeless and does not use it for that purpose they need to send it back or they or guilty of embezzlement.

Anonymous said...

there is no such place as the "city of Union, N.Y."