Thursday, May 21, 2009

Government to use GPS to Track Houses and Residents

According to and the Bandera County Courier, the United States Census Bureau is planning to enter up to 140 million addresses into a giant, government-run GPS database.

Can I just ask a simple question: why? I mean, is not the factual location of our homes enough, or do they really need to see where we live? I suppose spying on regular citizens is something the administration would love to do, considering they want to control how the Census is taken, and take power away from the Census Bureau.

Imagine the power the Administration could wield. They can see where you live, they know who you are, and if Obama's proposal for "Preventative Detention" goes through, they can jail you with the flick of their wrist. They can sway votes and elections, they can jail their enemies. What next, I ask you, what next?

And don't even get me started with the security risks we face if hackers find out where people's homes are. What's more, it's not where they are, but what they are, how they are, what they even look like. Imagine the ease of a criminal finding the residence of anyone he wants to find.

Danger and power seem to go hand in hand if this is allowed to continue. Power and danger from an over-powerful administration, power and danger from tech-savvy hackers. It seems that Big Brother could be looking down on us any day now.

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innominatus said...

I read the other day that courts ruled that it isn't a violation of the search & seizure clause for the gov't to clip a GPS to the underside of your car w/o a warrant. Just to see where you're going and when you're going there.

Ain't life grand?

Anonymous said...

I think the horse has left the barn on this one. I have a Garmin GPS. I programmed my address into it.

When there are lots of satellites and the accuracy is tight, it's very clear that the map geographic location for my home address is attached to my mailbox.

Anonymous said...

They don't need GPS to know where you live. They can already type your address into Google Maps or Mapquest and get a roadmap to your house, along with a satellite image. So the question remains: Why do they want to spend tax dollars to record the GPS coordinates of everyone's house? Maybe it's just pork for some businesses.