Friday, May 29, 2009

Joe's Babe of the Week

Dr. Joe, who recently received his fourth PhD, this time for Advanced Babeology, is here to make sure that your eyes can feast on only the smoothest, silkiest women that have ever graced Joe's green earth.

This week's Babe:
Rielle HunterBorn in a cave in North Carolina and raised by genuine Conferderate sympathizers, this hot mama got attention at 14 when she attempted to launch herself into space with her nasally voice.Today she's an unemployed former bimbo who made headlines with her sizzling affair with the not-phony former Senator from North Carolina, John Edwards. Edwards, who won the Joe's Integrity Award in 2008 for cheating on his wife who had terminal cancer, sadly did not win the presidency.
Hunter is one that you should keep your eyes on, as she is slated to pose nude in National Geographic next month.

Joe's Joe-o-meter:
8.5/10.0 Edwards Phoninesses

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