Sunday, May 17, 2009

Michigan - an example of toilet Democrat Governors.

For anyone that has half a brain, or even ten minutes to research the state of Michigan. You will know, or find out that the late great state of Michigan was once a state on the golden shores, yet for the past several years (long before the current recession) the state was in a ironic state of recession, thousands of Wolverine citizens were fleeing the state for other states of opportunity. Also, just look at Detroit, a city that keeps electing Democrats, keeps falling deeper into debt & crime, and the Housing market is actually 2,000 dollars for a whole block of houses, I kid you not.

Conservative R.S. McCain writes about Democrats seeing the light (kind of) -

This also brings up the point of how Democrat Governor's really do a horrible job :
Governor Paterson.
Governor Corzine.
Governor Kaine (Virginia, obviously he sucks - the GOP candidate is leading in the polls easily).
Governor Blago (Ok, hes no longer Governor, but he left his mark).
If I digged deeper, I could find more - such as Governor Arnold Terminator in California, he has never supported one GOP issue - he is a stealth liberal in a GOP suit.

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