Saturday, May 23, 2009

The difference between Liberty U. & other colleges.

Full notice : My sister-in-law attended Liberty University.

It has been reported that Liberty University has banned a College Democrats club on campus, not for freedom of speech, but because the club supports the opposite of key principles & standing of the Christian college - they support abortion, socialism, and homosexual causes - all of which, go against the key principles of Liberty University. The move is understandable. I expect the media & liberals to get bent all out of shape over this, but lets examine this further :

1. It is true, many colleges across the Country that are supposed "free speech zones" have been hostile towards Conservative viewpoints, have had numerous more liberal leaning clubs, and have been very much so anti-second amendment, the difference is - these colleges claim to be free speech zones, Liberty University is Christian zone - they have core principles in Conservatism, not a faulty claim of open mindedness.

2. Like I have said before, Liberty University is a Christian campus dedicated to Conservative & Christian causes/principles, they have the right to disband those that challenge/oppose those main tenants of the Campus. Liberal colleges claim to be areas of "free speech", meaning when they do something - they actually violate the first amendment, plus its faulty advertisement.

3. I support this move by Liberty university, because our principles mean everything right now, and if they just let those that violate the key tenants of the Christian faith at a Christian college, then there would be no college, no Christian stronghold to look at it - to look at for keeping with principles, especially after what Notre Dame did last week - in violation of the entire Catholic church.

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