Sunday, May 24, 2009

When will they learn?

Over 400,000 Americans joined tea party protests - to protest the ever expanding government control into the economy, a large waste of a budget, and a stimulus package - which is a joke.
Millions of voters in California have said hell no to higher taxes, in one of the most liberal states in the United States of America.
More and More wealthy New Yorker's are fleeing the state, because of the ever increasing taxes on success & wealth.
The State Senate of MASSACHUSETTS of all places, denied to raise income taxes, however they did raise other taxes (its still Massachusetts, gotta remember that).
The tax & spend Governor of New Jersey, is losing by nearly 10 points to fiscal Conservative Christopher Christie in the Jersey Governor's election (which takes place on November 2nd).

The examples keep backing it up, American's are sick and tired of these tax & spending ways, just 120 days into the Obama administration, so when will the tax & spenders across America learn? I am guessing on election day 2010. Fiscal Conservatism will be on the ballot, the Republicans must represent it, and we will claim back the House of Representatives - and a fistful of Governorships.

Question : If you have any more examples of American's sick and tired of these high taxes, please feel free to comment on them.

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