Tuesday, May 26, 2009

U.K. to honor Reagan, America ??????????????

Before the United States underwent a Conservative/Capitalistic revolution/transformation under President Ronald Reagan beginning with the 1980 Presidential election, England was given their first Conservative leader since Winston Churchill, in the form of Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher helped lead/bring England back from a state of rampant socialism for the time being and helped to setup an American-England Conservative revolution.

While both President Reagan & Prime Minister Thatcher are deeply admired by the Conservative movement, one Nation is honoring President Reagan - while the other is trying to forget him, and his great accomplishments.

The following should shock any American straight to the bone.

At a time when Republican liberals such as Governor Ridge, and General Powell are attempting to ruin the two party system, the Republican party's Conservatism, and boot kick President Reagan out - the United Kingdom is breaking procedure, and is building a statue of President Reagan right next to President Eisenhower at the United States embassy, to honor him.

Lets see if we can get this straight :

1. While Americans are trying to ignore the success of President Reagan, the United Kingdom is honoring him.

2. While Conservatism in America is fighting for her soul against both liberals in the Republican & Democrat parties, the Conservative movement is leading by double digits in the United Kingdom.

All I have to say is this :

Will these darn moderates/liberals like Governor Ridge or General Powell, wake up?

President Reagan & his Conservatism launched decades of economic prosperity in America, a majority of Americans are Conservative in all or a few of the aspects of the meaning, we have a winning formula - a principle driven formula, we have strong Conservatives such as Senator DeMint, Governor Palin, and Congressman Pence, so can we please ignore these liberal idiots?

Though I detest England for their ugly treatment of Conservative talk show host Michale Savage, whomever is deciding to place this honor of Reagan at the United States embassy - deserves the thank you of a lifetime, and America needs to follow this example :

Less liberalism, less Powell, less anti-Conservatism, more Conservatism, More Reagan, more principles, more prosperity.

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