Friday, May 15, 2009

The legislation all Americans should support.

Question : What is the official language of the United States of America?

Answer : None.

That is the reality, America actually has no official language, and this causes problems - especially when we have idiotic "press 1 for English" services, and even some voting rolls in Spanish. According to a poll released last night on Rasmussen Reports, 84% of Americans support legislation to make English the language of the land (which should have been already).

According to 30 states in the United States have official language laws, yet 20 including New York, do not have an official language. It is quite annoying, because when you do business in the United States of America - it is in English, when you vote it should 100% be English, when you become a United States citizen or even visit as a tourist - you need to speak English!

That's why all Americans should support Senate bill 992 - which would make English the official language of the land, as Michael Savage says : Borders, Culture, and Language needs to be protected in America.

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Queso said...

No estoy de acuerdo con su declaraci├│n. Yo vine de Mexico y estoy tratando de aprender Ingl├ęs, pero necesito tiempo para asimilar. Hacer mi idioma que no hacer nada ilegal, pero causa problemas.

Elsewhere said...