Friday, May 22, 2009

Democrats now meddle into competitive sports market.

In the four months since Barack Obama has been President, Democrats have extended government hands nearly into every private sector forum which is possible, including further expansion into the Banks, auto companies, health care, the market itself, and now credit cards. They have done, thus far a terrible job - as expected from any fiscal Conservative with half a'brain.

130 million Americans voted in the last Presidential election, nearly all Americans are a sports fan in one way or another, so many good sports to choose from, for a relaxation away from life & politics, and besides steroid allegations Congress has remained apart of the sports markets, that is until now.

The Phoenix Coyotes of the National Hockey League, are in terrible financial situation, and a businessman from Ontario (near Buffalo New York, over the border) wants to buy the team, move them to Canada, and provide for a strong franchise - in an area that has wanted a home team for some time, they almost got one a few years ago, when another franchise was almost folding in the Southern United States.

This sounds like a great idea, and that occurs all of the time.

Not so fast.

1. The National Hockey League is like a mini-dictatorship, they want control over who owns the teams - and where they are located.

2. United States Senators Kirsten Gillibrand & Chuck Schumer of New York, have side with the National Hockey League, because the Buffalo Sabre's gain 20% of their profits from Canada, and this could hurt them.

Say what? Still don't understand?

Instead of accepting another NHL team to the northeastern part of this area,United States Senator's want to meddle with the sports arena because it might take fans away from the successful Sabres franchise. The problem is - instead of encouraging a successful sports market driven by competition between this new franchise & the Sabres, where the better team will get the fans, these liberal smucks want to shelter the Sabres - from any competition for fear the other team might be better.

Given their reasoning, should New York had to ban the New York Jets & Buffalo Bills from joining the NFL - I mean the Giants were already here, God forbid there be competition. Once again, liberals want to enter the free market, to fit ther premise, prejudice, or lust for power - instead of allowing the better team or produce win the fans/ consumers money, and create another addition to U.S.A - Canada hockey rivals.

Let the market function, stay out of it, let competition thrive, let fans have a choice, let there be success in the National Hockey League, let there be economic freedom in Canada & America.

Fiscal Conservatism = good business.

Fiscal stupidity (liberalism) = controlled, limited, or bad business.

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