Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Conservative guide to Sonia Sotomayor.

Many have been wondering, how do we combat Obama's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor without looking like a bunch of racist - sexists - bigoted Conservative Republicans, well luckily I am a blogger :

1. First off, Conservatives & Republicans alike need to realize something, we need to stick to principle - not consider Hispanics might be pissed off because we voted against a radical leftist, if thats the case - whats the point of ever voting Conservative, we might offend someone - screw that!

2. Sotomayor does not fit the criteria of a judge : She believes in personal rancor & her race over the letter of the law, she believes the Constitution does not apply to the states (I will hit on this more tomorrow, this is truth), she believes in racial quotas over the Constitution, and she believes in judges to legislate from the bench.

3. Sotomayor has made several racist & liberal slanted remarks that should make any American quake.

4. Americans want legal minded judges, not personal will minded judges - USE THAT.

5. Never let the Democrat claims of racism effect the Republican & Conservative position, make your case on facts - not feelings.

6. We need to be as Conservatives & Republicans are - pro-second amendment, and Sotomayor has a history of being against the second amendment, we need to use this against supposed pro-second amendment democrat senators from right leaning states - in both pressure to vote against her, and to use for votes against them in upcoming elections.

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