Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To blog, or not to blog.

Once upon a time, a smalltime blogger from the other side of Schoharie County decided to email Matt (the blog author) and ask him if he needed some help with the blog, six months later - we have had thousands of visitors, many good truthful articles, and many satire articles that have fooled thousands (I have never written satire, then will). I am considering making this blog my official home of writing Conservative opinion on the internet. I am not sure however, but I am thinking about it. Why not? Write 2-3 articles a day, in between life, for four minutes apiece, where thousands - millions across the Nation can read what I gotta say.

Just thought I'd let every know what I was thinking when it comes to this blog, a little more truthful opinion vs. a little less satire scaring the hell out of average day Americans. I'll stick the truth, because the Conservative - American - real truth is a lot more scarier then all of Matt's satire combined.

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1 comment:

Joe C. said...

Mr. K, I think more people read my articles than yours.