Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stand with Israel, stand against Iran.

"Language, Culture, Borders" - as in the words of Conservative talk show host Michael Savage, commenting on key components of western civilization - or at least the United States of America. America as a people supports all three of these components, especially the English language & securing our borders, the problem has long been the political class - or the moronic idiots that Americans have often elected into office to actually defend these values.

I would like to say America has spread these values to many Nations over the past several decades, these values are close in relation to the values of ancient Israel which American ironically helped restore the Jewish Nation nearly six decades ago. For six decades, Israel & America have been close allies, and for the most part - our only ally in the Middle East, as well as a friend during the Cold War fight against the U.S.S.R.

We have stood strong together, a friendship our Founders would deeply respect - as reflected by their words about ancient Israel & the values both Nation's have shared.

What happens when some want to destroy Israel from within the United States?

Such as the Democrat party.

Indirectly destroy our closest ally in the Middle East, and around the world - only England receives as much deep respect by the United States, besides the Jewish Nation, and now some in the Democrat party want to undermine Israel's values & security - in the name of please & appease.

Israeli values : Instead of standing strong with Israel when it comes to her border's & homeland, many have suggested that Israel should surrender some of her own land (and it failed once, it will fail again) to please & appease the invaders of the Jewish holy land. The current White House supports the supposed "two state solution", which would just legitimize the invaders of Israel.

Security - Instead of holding a tough stance on Iran, as well as against the dictator who wants to destroy both Israel and the United States, who wants to acquire nuclear weapons. The current White House wants to talk with Islamic zealots hellbent on destruction of Israel. Netanyahu might attack Iran, a wise move, yet America might not support Israel.

In conclusion, it comes down to this America - do you want to protect American & Israeli interests and values by standing strong against Iran, or do you want to appease & please those that have called for our destruction's, and be 100% ignorant towards any threat.

There is no middle cround, you are either on one side or the other - I stand with Israel, I stand with America, I stand against Iran.

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