Monday, May 18, 2009

Maxim Places Michelle Obama at #93 Hottest Woman: The Women Who Lost to Her

If you're not aware, Maxim recently released its list of the top-100 hottest women in the world. Of course on the list are people like Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum. But on the top 100 is a woman who is definitely not what you would consider "hot:" Michelle Obama. I won't bad-mouth her too much, but the First Lady is not attractive, yet Maxim places her at 93. To compare, let's look at some of the women who were ranked lower than her.

You decide who's "hotter:"

Michelle Obama at #93
or Yvonne Strahovski at #94

or Olivia Munn at #96

or Marisa Tomei at #97

or Deanna Russo at #100

No, there is no comparison. Sorry, Mrs. Obama, but these ladies easily have you beat.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a joke! They had to put her somewhere, I'm surprised they had the balls to put her that low. I'm sure they'll be getting a call from the WH thugs, errr, staff.