Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second amendment in crisis : Sonia Sotomayor

Question : Does the United States Constitution apply to all states?

Answer : Yes, all states are apart of the union of the United States of America, under the law of the Constitution.

Question : Does that mean, that limiting or banning the second amendment in any state or city is against the Constitution?

Answer : Yes, among the original bill of rights - eight amendments were put forth that would apply to all of America, no matter which state, city, or cave - these were the protected rights of all American citizens. Two amendments were put in place, for other rights not defined, for the states & the people to define.

Question : Should the United States Supreme Court have a justice who believes states are exempt from the Constitution?

Answer : Hell no! That's why we need to oppose Sotomayor.

It's hard to believe some people in this Nation are just so out of step with reality, just so unaware of the United States Constitution, to believe that states in America, do not have to follow the Constitution, or that they are subject to its conditions. Not all know this, but the state legislatures suggested hundreds of amendments to the Constitution, while the Bill of Rights was being drawn, among them was the second amendment.

Lets examine this in another light, liberals might believe the states are subject to the Constitution, but the second amendment especially - should not. Which is just another anti-Constitution, freedom position by big government hypocrites.

Mississippi is one of the most Christian states in the United States of America, they banned homosexual marriage by nearly a 90-10 % margin, lets say they ban religious freedom because other religions are in the minority in Mississippi, all hell would be reigning down upon Mississippi from both liberals & Conservatives crying bloody murder.

Why not the second amendment?

Ever since the landmark Heller decision last summer, the one remaining question in the minds of second amendment supporters has been will the courts uphold the Constitution, thus the states are subject to follow the second amendment, as much as the freedom is given to all Americans.

Two cases have been heard, one of which judge Sonia Sotomayor was apart of, and she stated that the Constitution/second amendment only limits the federal government - which is false, it tells the federal governments what not to infringe, as well as what to protect! Plus all states are under the Constitution, they cannot violate it - without breaking the law.

The Supreme Court holds our most values rights at the hands of nine judges every single day, do we want Sotomayor judges on the Supreme Court?

I think not.

Authors note :
I ask that all who can afford to, should join a pro-second amendment organization as soon as possible, such as the National Rifle Association or Gunowners of America.

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