Thursday, May 21, 2009

Say Goodbye to Your Rights: Obama's "Preventive Detention" is Unconstitutional

In response to the New York Times' report that President Obama is "mulling over" the right to incarcerate "terrorism suspects," I can only weep for our Constitution.

Here's the problem, folks. The New York Times reports that this is in response to what is to be done with terrorists from Guantanamo. Although there is an argument that "Preventative Detention" is the same as what President Bush did, there is a clear difference.

President Bush kept terrorists, both murderers and planners, in prison. President Obama, on the other hand, is expanding this power to "suspected" terrorists. Now, I ask you, what is a suspected terrorist? Is it someone who plans to kill innocent civilians? Is it someone who actually has? Or is it what the President wants it to be?

Imagine the power given to the President if he can incarcerate anyone and everyone by simply saying that they pose a national security threat. Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity; who can say that they will not be considered a "threat" if Obama has the power to silence them? And what about you and me? Where are we in all of this?

Our rights are the most important thing the the Constitution guarantees. If the President can jail anyone he wishes, our rights will not exist anymore.

There must be laws the President has to follow. There must be definitions on what terrorists are and are not. We all must be heard, or we will all be silenced.

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