Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Offers North Korea $25 Billion in Aid

Maggie Kleist
May 28, 2009

The inauguration of US President Barack Obama in January was hailed as a "transformative" event in American foreign policy. On Iran, the new President is backing talks and in Palestine, Israel's criminal settlement program is being reversed. North Korea, long isolated by the criminal Bush regime, is now being re-included into the family of nations.

North Korea is accused of detonating a test nuclear weapon last week and of firing missiles. The United States and South Korea have both threatened war over this, but it appears that now the US is finally heeding its own advice and stepping back.

According to North Korean media, the US is prepared to offer the north up to $25 billion in direct aid if the North agrees to stop enriching plutonium. According to the plan, $8 billion would be given as food aid, $10 billion as infrastructure, and $7 billion in general funds.

While American conservatives may complain of the plan, it has been noted that only $12 billion of the total will come from the US treasury. The remaining $13 billion will come from many of the other aggressive nations in the world, such as Britain, Japan, and South Korea. France has rejected the call to donate money.

The North Korean leadership is very pleased with this, according to the state media. Pak Ui Chun, North Korea's foreign minister, has stated that the money is "one small step towards the reparations owed to us by the greedy Americans."

Payments are intended to start in August, with the People's Republic's nuclear program beginning shutdowns in November. American pleas for inspectors have been denied. Obama has accepted that the PDRK will disarm without international oversight.

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