Friday, May 22, 2009

The Great Article Race

It's that time of the month again, folks. Unlike previous months, I'm going to lump the statistics in with the number of posts, so this will be a moderately lengthy article. Anyway, this will document our posts from April 14th to today, May 22nd. So, without further ado, the top posters of the last month are:

1. Matthew, with 116 posts
2. Michael, with 61 posts
3. Mr. K, with 36 posts
4. E_D_Casabonne
, with 2 posts
4. Light of the Word, with 2 posts
4. Elsewhere, with 2 posts
And Last, for 2 months running, Joe C., with 5 posts: one had literally no words, another was just one sentence, two were videos, and another mocked Orthodox Christianity.

And back by popular demand are the top 6 posts of the month. In the last month's time, we've had one of the most successful months in Jumping in Pools history, reaching 88,953 pageviews from April 22nd to May 22nd. That's an incredible number that I don't think we'll reach again for a while unless we break some amazing news, or Joe C. actually writes an article or two. Anyway, here are the top articles of the month:

1. Miss California Article About Nude Photos, with 48,993 views, or 55.1% of our views this month
2. Military to Pledge Oath to Obama, Not Constitution, with 4,709 views, or 5.3% of our views this month
3. Miss California Topless Photos Strike Blow for Gay Marriage, with 3,980 views, or 4.5% of our views this month
4. Government Attempting to Seize Smith & Wesson, with 2,297 views, or 2.6% of our views this month
5. Miss California Considering Adult Films After Nude Photo Flap, with 1,322 views, or 1.5% of our views this month
6. Obama to Apologize for American War Crimes During WWII, with 1,066 views, or 1.2% of our views this month

Bold= Satire

Interesting Notes:
Mr. K's top article came in at #18 with his article, France Goes too Far
Joe C.'s article, Swine Flu, Retro Style, is our first article with no words
This is the first time since we started the Great Article Race that an article has beaten Matt's Military Oath article in pageviews
Light of the Word and Elsewhere wrote their first articles this past month
Alezend and Lute Barnes wrote no articles
Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards

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