Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama Discusses Americans' Responsibility: Follow the Government, Pay Taxes, and Love Liberty


Fort Belvoir, Virginia- In a press conference after his annual golf game on Memorial Day, President Barack Obama took a minute to reflect on the significance of the United States.

"I stand here before you, a young President in an age of violence, turmoil, and recession. What the next year holds, I cannot say. What tomorrow will bring, I cannot know. But I know this: every American has a responsibility to help his fellow man.

"When you look around, we see people without healthcare, families without food, men and women without jobs. Now, I ask you this: what is our responsibility to these people, the less fortunate who live in our country? The answer is not clear, but the feelings are.

"Our commitment is to help those in need. We must take this obligation not with pain or malice, but with zeal. We must restructure healthcare and make it available to all. And we must pay our taxes so that those without jobs can receive the money they need. We must love one another like we love our family, and we must allow the government to have the power to help those in need.

"In our country, the government is the only structure that can rebuild our economy and help the needy. What other organization can earn public trust, use money to its fullest extent, and give people jobs? But the most important point of the government is trust. We all must trust the government to do the right thing, and most importantly, you all must trust me. I can help everyone; all I need is your trust, loyalty, and taxes. That's all I ask.

"But importantly in this time of upheaval, I ask that you put your trust in the government and what it can do. Let the government rebuild the country, let us help each other, and let us lower crime. Yet remember, regardless of what the government does, we will always protect your liberty. That is what the government is here to do; protect freedom.

"The Obama Administration will always be here to protect your freedom, you have my promise," President Obama concluded.

The President then declined to take questions, and left to loud applause from the Press.

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