Saturday, May 30, 2009

The waste stinks - part one.

Authors note : Over the next several months, I will be every weekend showcasing one - four cases of waste in the stimulus which has done nothing & the omnibus spending measure as well.

Union New York received over half a'million dollars in homelessness prevention (1.5 billion overall was put towards this, I have no idea what this has do with creating jobs?), the problem is this - Union New York does not have a homelessness problem in the area, so the City will be using the money for other things.

Problem (1). : Fighting homelessness has nothing to do with creating jobs, which further proves the stimulus was a big waste of time & the taxpayers money.

Problem (2). : What happened to the claims of we will know how every dollar is spent, and how this money is being used to create jobs? The way lawmakers found out about this Union New York debacle, was through google.

Problem (3). : It has been proven Union New York has been given over half a'million dollars worth of case they did not need or deserve, so now they are going to spend this money anyway they want - I thought Joe Biden was suppose to go after towns & cities like this?

Stimulus package : Fraud, waste, & corruption.

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