Thursday, May 21, 2009

We'll all own California?

On Tuesday May 19th, millions of California voters visited the polls to decide the outcome of six proposals : Five would raise taxes, and one would restrict representatives in the state legislature from giving themselves pay raises during a recession - which they have done twice this legislative session.

The five tax proposals failed by wide margins, even in Nancy Pelosi's congressional district in San Francisco they failed, the proposal to restrict representatives pay raises passed easily, as the taxpayers of California - in one of the most liberal states, said hell no to more taxes.

What does that tell you?

Given the fact New York has raised taxes to double digits, and three confirmed New York millionaires are fleeing the state, other states are also raising taxes, the Obama plans to raise taxes on the top wage earners in the Nation, and Obama plans on allowing the Bush tax cuts to end - raising taxes for all wage earners in America. It tells me that the American public is sick of high taxes - especially when every Nickel counts towards a family budget.

For now, lets focus on California.

California has a debt hovering around 21 billion dollars, for state that is colossal, some might claim that important services might have to go, such as fireman or teachers, but that is a scare tactic & a real solution is cut all of the billions of dollars that go to illegals, who don't belong in America in the first place, and put that towards the debt, it would shrink the debt dramatically.

If California would lower taxes, and actually welcome business - instead of targeting business, the state would see an increase in tax revenue, as well as stop the mass movement of citizens & taxpayers out of California. Also, if California would actually focus on business instead of the idiotic green movement, they would also be doing much better.

Reasonable solutions, to horrible situations.

Sadly, it appears many are favoring the United States government bailout the state of California - instead of the state reforming its ill-gotten taxing ways, and actually attempt to run a state fiscally sound. For a farmer in Idaho, to pay for California's debt problems is not only wrong, it might also be illegal - taxation without representation.

To sum it up :
They bailed out the banks - we screamed.
They bailed out the auto companies - we protested.
They added trillions in debt & wasteful spending - we organized.
They fired the CEO of General Motors - cried for the sake of Capitalism.
They bailout California - America is ruined.

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