Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama picks radical for SCOTUS.

I'll be honest, I want to discuss North Korea, and how we should begin the process of declaring war against this tyrannical dictatorship - as they are directly threatening America's security, and our allies security, however I must discuss a homegrown threat being nominated to the Supreme Court instead. When it was announced Justice Souter would be retiring from the United States Supreme Court, Conservatives including myself knew the choice to replace Souter would be a hard line Liberal, I worried Sonia Sotomayor would be the nominee, because of her belief that being a women & a hispanic outweighs the letter of law.

To my disarray, Sotomayor was selected by Obama to replace Souter on the Supreme Court, and the most recent information I have learned about Sotomayor is deeply disturbing, and just downright wrong.

Example of a recent case, that Sotomayor dealt with, and the Supreme Court is deciding now :

The New Haven Connecticut fire department was having a big exam to field possible candidates for a promotion, firefighters studied for weeks at a pace of hours a day for this exam, when the exam came, several firefighters passed the exam - expecting a promotion, however none of the firefighters were black - and afraid of a lawsuit & racial quotas, the fire department promoted no-one.

The violated the Constitution, and has shown what a failure of a system affirmative action is - not to mention just wrong, and unethical. The firefighters sued the city of New Haven and Sotomayor when the case was brought to her, instead of siding with the firefighters just wanting merit performance & rewarding success when it comes to employees, stood for un-constitutional racial quotas - a dangerous example of this womens radical beliefs. According to news reports, the Supreme Court has overturned 60% of Sotomayor's majority opinions.

Sotomayor also believes that latina women would make better judges then white males, which once again violates the law being followed ethic.

Sotomayor is also described as bullish, demanding, and thinks highly of herself - this from liberals who seriously dislike her, she has also made numerous other idiotic comments & statements that should be used against her, and is also for the most part anti-business, as shown when acorn connected SEIU praised the nomination.

It all comes down to this :

Obama has nominated a judge based on personal feelings & "diversity" of the court, which has nothing to do with the letter of the law, and violates the Founders want of Supreme Court judges who would follow the law & Constitution - instead of incite personal rancor & legislate from the bench.

Will the Republicans oppose or accept the radical?

They should oppose her at all costs.

But will they?

40 Republican Senators, and perhaps a brave few Democrats could derail this radical empathy driven Sotomayor, or will they succumb to political pressure?

Twenty years of Sotomayor on the court is at stake, we must oppose at all costs.

Note : Sotomayor also has hostile views towards the second amendment, and believes the states & local communities have the right to violate the second amendment, as the second amendment only applies to the federal government, this claim is sickening - as the Bill of Rights, protects the most sacred rights that cannot be touched by anyone - Federal, State, or Local. Lets also remember the history of the bill of rights, the states made a list of rights they wanted in the bill of rights, the Founders eventually selected twelve (only ten passed at the time), including the second amendment.

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