Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Silent Revolution

No, it's not going to become apparent for most of us anytime soon. No, it's not violent or filled with hate and tales of vengeance.

But it is happening.

Our country is becoming the conservative, small-government nation that we have always known it to be. We are finally beginning to express ourselves.

But how can this be? For months we've been told that a profound shift has brought us to the left, that Barack Obama's election has been a great victory for 'progressivism.'

First, we are becoming a pro-life nation. For the first time in Gallup polling history, a majority of Americans have declared themselves pro-life. Why is this? No one can exactly put their finger on it. Perhaps black Americans, which have the highest rate of abortions in the country, have determined that if Obama can make it in our 'racist' society, so can their children. Or perhaps the country as a whole has tired of the idea that a person can go get pregnant and *poof* get a magical "cure."

In addition, Americans are just not buying the cookie-cutter anti-Bush arguments being proffered by the left. The country is almost evenly split over whether or not the Bush administration was justified in waterboarding two terrorism suspects. A large majority do not believe there should be a criminal investigation regarding it. Many do not buy the idea that transferring terrorists from Guantanamo will make us safer.

Trust in the Democrats also appears to be falling. Many do not believe Nancy Pelosi's rapidly changing tale that she 'did not know' about waterboarding. Instead, she's looking more and more like a liar. Scandals like Blago and Pelosi have helped rebrand the House Speaker's famous phrase, the "culture of corruption."

Even the left's stalwart scare tactic, global warming has lost traction.

While the number of Americans who believe in global warming has dropped, a sizable majority believes it exists: 69 percent in the latest poll, which is down from 82 percent in 2007 and 77 percent in 2005.

Americans have also seen the excesses of spending caused by Obama and realize that this may only be the beginning. Obama has made President Bush look like a spendthrift and we're already over a $1 trillion extra in debt since January 1st.

So what does all this mean? A Republican sweep in 2012? Maybe not. The media's still portraying Obama as our last hope and savior. But this does mean that we're not out of it yet, and since we're underestimated, we still may come out on top.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would like to believe you are right, but these shifts in attitude can be transient. Until there is an enduring shift, I am going to guarded in my optimism.