Monday, May 18, 2009

Pelosi lied, should resign or be impeached.

As a Conservative, I expected a United States Congress dominated by liberal Democrats to be dominated with fraud, corruption, and lies. The Congress has not disappointed on the fraud & corruption parts, and the lie part has 100% been filled by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Once upon a time, liberals overtook Congress and decided to attack Conservatives & President George W. Bush for keeping America safe over the previous eight years, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed she never told that waterboarding was being used. That was several months ago, since she has changed her story nearly half dozen times, called the C.I.A. - who are heroes for their brave fight against terrorism - liars, and has claimed President Bush was misleading her on waterboarding.

Pelosi has been exposed as a liar. the C.I.A has fought back against thesunwarranteded attacks, and even Democrats are beginning to betray Pelosi over this amazing streak of lies to the American public. Now that we know Pelosi has lied to Congress, the American public, and has lied about President Bush 7 the C.I.A, what is expected, or what could come from this?

1. Pelosi could and should resign, as well as surrender to an formal investigation by the United States Congress. Whether she will is another question.

2. In every normal Congressional district, Pelosi might be kicked out of office by the citizens who have been lied to, but the 8th Congressional district in California is one of the most liberal in all of California, if not the Country.It's so bad, Pelosi got 71.7% of the vote, anti-war smuck Cindy Sheehan got 16.8% of the vote, and Republican Dana Walsh received just 9.3% of the vote.

3. The House could strip her of her House majority rank, or the Congress could launch impeachment proceedings against her altogether.

Pelosi should be kicked out of Congress, or atleast be stripped of her House Majority position. Pelosi not only lied about what she knew, and when she knew it, but also Pelosi called the fighters on the battlefield who have prevented thousands upon thousands of Americans, from being killed by terrorists, liars.

In conclusion, waterboarding is not torture, and even if it was - no laws or protections are given to terrorists, and saving American lives is more imporant & morale then supposed liberal morale clarity. Also, Pelosi should be kicked out of office, and the attacks on President Bush & Conservatives has backfired

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1 comment:

xformed said...

While I concur with your position, I'm reminded of the politically charged environment we exist in, where a man, in the highest office cannot be successfully removed from office for lying under oath.

Nancy is only lying to the MSM, and the citizens of the United States Of America...not considered a crime, but as you point out, "acceptable" behavior of politicians.