Friday, May 15, 2009

Thoughts on Serbia

Good day America,

Serbia is defined as:
A country in the balkan. Part of the former yoguslavia. Mostly known as warmaking country over territory pretending among other countries, by wars in the last decade. The only main activity of this country is killing and massacre making among innocent people. It's main goal is finding small countries to fight with. Theirs former president is in the hague trial with his high-ranking military chiefs. This country has a critical political stability with their prime minister murdered among some mounths ago. The people of this country are known as brutal and racism is a natural feeling. Not much to say else, this country is known whole over the world for its news full of violence

The wise and venerable scholars at Big Bob radio have concluded that "Serbia SUCKS" because "It's a third world toilet in the middle of a bunch of little third world shitholes" and that it may be just like....Canada. Yeah, you heard me...Canada.

So in Conclusion.......
"There's nothing important about Serbia at all."

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Editor said...

Hey Jackass! My great-grandfather immigrated from Serbia to America, and a family's factory was destroyed when the damnn Clinton administration bombed Serbia for no reason in the late 1990's. So jackass, how about you actually do some damn research, and write something that actually reflects people - instead of insulting an entire race of hard working people.

Elsewhere said...

Dear Sir,
My great-grandfather did not come from such a place which has been described as a "third world toilet." Thanks for sharing though.

Best regards,