Sunday, May 31, 2009

Radical abortionist shot & killed.

Radical pro-abortionist doctor George Tiller, who I deeply hate & wish the third circle of hell upon him, was shot & killed this morning in Kansas, while entering his Church (oxymoron?) by the gunman several times. Kansas has a manhunt after the killer, the motive is not officially known, but I think all of us know the motive.

I believe a person should only kill in self defense , in wartime, or for the death penalty - for those that have violated the preciousness of life in cold blood. In a way I find the murder of Tiller understandable, because of all of the evil things he did to unborn children, however - I believe in the rule of law, he should have been thrown in Jail, and one day God would bring about proper judgement.

The killer should be brought to court, tried, and convicted - and given the death penalty, even if I hate Tiller, and believe he got a suitable punishment - I believe this murder was wrong, and the killer should be prosecuted and given the death penalty.

Fox News report on story -,2933,523581,00.html


I seriously hope this does not hurt the pro-life movement, as in any movement you have fringes who go to far, we are better then this - we believe in life for the unborn, I expect us to be attacked for what one person did, what do you think this will do to the pro-life movement? Will liberals use this against us? Will the White House use this against us? Will people realize this does not represent the pro-life movement?

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1 comment:

innominatus said...

I'm in agreement. But I'm REALLY tempted to post something on my blog that celebrates the shooter and then send a tip to Bill O'Reilly so he can slam me like he did HotAir.

I could use the extra traffic.