Sunday, December 6, 2009

5 Senators to pressure.

I have done some research, located a few roll call votes, and I have identified the five Democratic Senators we need to pressure over the next few weeks, as the future of America depends on it, forever.

Senator Joe Lieberman - Independent, Connecticut.

Senator Lieberman is 100% opposed to the government option being included in the health care legislation, he is also concerned about the tax burden the legislation will have on middle class Americans. While Senator Lieberman is a sure vote against the legislation, the people need to contact his office from around the Nation, he needs to know how important is "no" vote is to the American people.

Senator Ben Nelson - Democrat, Nebraska.

Senator Nelson has long been touted as one of the most Conservative members of the Democratic caucus, being from the state of Nebraska, he has to be. Nebraska opposes the Democratic plan for health care, and hates the government run option beyond belief, leaving Nelson stuck between a Barack and a hard place.

Senator Nelson did vote for the Republican amendment to restore Medicare Advantage, however, if he votes for the final legislation which removes the popular and successful Medicare Advantage, he will be in hot water. I suggest pressuring Nelson on the Medicare Advantage issue.

Senator Jim Webb - Democrat, Virginia.

Senator Webb was elected with just 9,400 more votes then Republican Senator George Allen in 2006, just a few weeks ago Virginia elected three Conservative Republicans to the highest offices in the state, while increasing their control of the Virginia House of Delegates, and the people of Virginia do not like the Democratic plan or as of late, Democrats.

Senator Webb is in political trouble for his 2012 Senate re-election campaign if he continues to support this legislation, and after his vote supporting the Republican amendment to restore Medicare Advantage, he is in the hot seat when the final legislation is voted on, with the destruction of Medicare Advantage included.

We need to target Senator Webb, because his Democrat demented mind might not see the light, however, we need him to feel the heat.

Senator Byron Dorgan - Democrat, North Dakota.

62% of voters in North Dakota oppose the Democratic health care plan.
55% of voters in North Dakota would elect Republican Governor John Hoeven if he runs against Dorgan in 2010.
48% of voters in North Dakota strongly oppose the Democratic health care plan, just 10% strongly support the Democratic health care plan.

Senator Dorgan is up for re-election next year, with a popular Republican Governor thinking about running, the Democratic legislation in regards to health care is hated, and did I mention the 2010 elections are under 11 months away?

What to pressure him on, use your imagine.

Senator Blanche Lincoln - Democrat, Arkansas.

Senator Blanche Lincoln is from a state John McCain won with near 60% of the vote, a state that hates the Democratic legislation, believes in economic Conservatism, and is prepared to kick Lincoln out if she supports the legislation in the end. While Lincoln will claim her final vote on the legislation is "unknown", we all know she supports the legislation, however, we know she loves power.

Our friends from Arkansas, need to send emails, make phone calls, announce plans to support Republicans, donate monies to organizations and candidates who oppose Lincoln, she needs to feel the heat, and now.


We need to put the pressure on Senator's Lieberman of Connecticut, Nelson of Nebraska, Webb of Virginia, Dorgan of North Dakota, and Lincoln of Arkansas. The above mentioned Senators are either leaning against the legislation, oppose important aspects of the legislation, or are in for a tough re-election in 2010 and beyond.

We need to act, act for the Republic.

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Reaganite Republican said...

Besides the fact that the legislation's crap, we need to take this arrogant twit Obama down a notch or two... would do us all a lot of good at this point.

If this bill fell apart or was seriously watered down, that should stop the worst of it- his mojo's almost gone already now