Monday, December 14, 2009

Better question.

It was reported last week, that 44% of Americans would rather have President Bush as the Commander in Chief instead of President Obama, compared to just 50% who would rather have Obama over Bush, considering Bush left the Oval office with approval ratings hovering above 30% and Obama winning the White House with 53% of the vote, the results are astonishing.

I have a better question, if the 2008 Presidential election was held again, who would the American people elect?

Would those millions of "swooned" Obama voters cast the same ballot with their current knowledge?

Would the hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Republicans who supported candidates such as Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Alan Keyes, and even Ron Paul continue to vote against the lone chance to stop Obama?

Would those millions of Americans who skipped the Presidential election, out of frustration or ignorance cast their ballots for Senator McCain if another chance presented itself?

Would dozens of Conservative talk show hosts present McCain in a positive light, endorse his campaign, and work to defeat Obama instead of exposing Obama?

Tough questions to answer, however, after eleven months of weakness, socialistic policies, and the most radical administration in American politics, I have a feeling the above mentioned factors would have acted differently.

Senator McCain has been a leading opponent of the Obama administration, he has stood strong for Conservative principles and ideals, his understanding of freedom and national defense alone are enough to bash the American people for their horrific mistake, however, would millions of Americans pull the lever for McCain if the 2008 Presidential election was held again?

I cannot answer that question, however, it would be interesting to see a polling firm take the task of finding the answer.

What say you?

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1 comment:

Terri Wagner said...

No even now I would not go back and vote for McCain (although I did vote for Sarah Palin if you catch my drift). What I want is George Washington reinvented and maybe a few of the other founding fathers. I don't see that in Romney or Huckabee and I was for Romney before I was against him. His answer in the debate on consulting with lawyers before going to war turned me against him. And I happen to be a cardcarrying Mormon so Huckabee's snide remarks about my religion turned me off him forever.