Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conservative wins in Honduras.

Porfirio Lobo Sosa (National Party of Honduras - Conservatives) - 937,006.
Elvin Santos (Liberal Party of Honduras - Liberals) - 639,481.

The Honduras people have elected a new President to lead their nation, a nation which follows the Constitution, respects freedom, and stands against International pressure attempting to restore a dictator wannabe who failed in his personal attempt to become a dictator for life, Honduras stood with their Constitution, and stands against tyranny.

In other news relating to Honduras, the Honduras Congress voted in an overwhelming manner against the restoration of power for the dictator wannabe this afternoon, and voted for the continuation of a Constitutional government.

This is the news that deserves a smile, as a Nation being pushed from all corners of the earth to allow tyranny and destruction, has stood for freedom and Constitutional government. Being an American, this makes me proud of the freedoms we have here, and the Constitution which is in place.

All comments are welcomed, as I am in a great mood this evening, as a Nation has finally stood for their freedoms, Republic, Democracy, and Constitutional governance!

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