Tuesday, December 1, 2009

List of dangerous Conservative websites.

According to Gateway Pundit, Jumping in Pools is a dangerous blog, which means all of the political blogs that have linked this blog since October 24th, are dangerous as well, just using his reasoning.

I have decided to compile a list of dangerous political blogs on the website, that have dared link the evil Jumping in Pools website, because we have a sense of humor.

  1. www.rsmccain.blogspot.com - Has linked JiP numerous times, dangerous and evil.
  2. www.instapundit.com - Has linked JiP twice, evil.
  3. www.thepiratecove.us - Has linked JiP once, near dangerous.
  4. www.marklevinshow.com - Has linked JiP once, meaning our danger is spreading to radio.
  5. www.riehlworldview.com - Has linked JiP once, dangerous.
  6. www.legalinsurrection.com - Has linked JiP once, and had us as the website of the day.
  7. www.berry2010.com - Has linked JiP once, meaning our danger is also spreading to congressional campaigns!
  8. www.bombsanddollars.com - Has linked JiP once, ranking us as the 49th best Conservative blog on the Internet, does that mean all blogs on the list are dangerous?

Are the above mentioned blogs dangerous and evil? No. Jumping in Pools has been linked by some of the best political blogs on the Internet, talk show hosts, and even congressional campaigns, because we are a legitimate Conservative website.

We are not dangerous, as the misguided Gateway Pundit has claimed, because of satire. Misreading satire, is dangerous.

Gateway Pundit calling Jumping in Pools "dangerous" - http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2009/10/bloggers-beware-of-jumping-in-pools-blog/

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Matthew Avitabile said...

GP is an idiot

innominatus said...

I've linked ya before, too. Being dangerous feels so good!