Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama insults King Harald V of Norway.

Well, the Jackass in Chief has just insulted and weakened another American alliance overseas, adding Norway to an ever increasing list of allies he has either ignored, insulted or talked down to. See, during his current trip to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize (which he does not deserve), Obama turned down a lunch invitation from the King of Norway, as well as cancelling numerous events a Nobel Peace Prize winner is expected to attend.

Norwegians are not pleased with the news Obama has denied a lunch with the King, as 44% believe it was rude of Obama to turn down the King, while 34% believe it was acceptable to turn down the King, regardless of what our friends in Oslo believe, for a United States President to insult another Nation without (or with) thought as to the backlash or even caring, is just despicable.

During a 2005 visit to the United States, King Harald visited President Bush at the White House, as the two observed 100 years of diplomatic relations, and a White House announcement acknowledged the help Norway has contributed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Balkans.

It is just amazing, during the Bush administration, Democrats claimed Bush was not well liked, he was hurting our image across the world, he was a cowboy, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are pushing the destruction of American alliances, etc. etc.

Yet, the Obama administration is the one that has insulted Britain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, among other numerous allies, and he has apologized for American greatness across the globe, while breaking procedure during two bows to foreign Kings, which an American President is never suppose to do.


In other news regarding the Obama visit to Oslo, The Pirates Cove had a brief answer to Obama comparing himself to Martin Luther King :

So, now he is comparing himself, even a tiny bit, to Martin Luther King, Jr? Disgusting. Obama isn’t a 1/16th of the man Dr. King was.

Couldn't agree more.

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KNF said...

Well, as a Norwegian I can say this:

We would have hoped Obama stayed a bit longer, didn't turn down the king, etc. But we realize he is a busy man. More importantly, Obama, lunches or not, is far better for world then what Bush was. And the US is finally on the same page as it's allies, after 8 years as a rude, egosentric loner!

european said...

I know no European who liked Bush. And I hardly know any who doesn't like Obama. We are friends again after you guys chose the right guy a year ago.

Robert Simms said...

As I said on my blog [Norway?No Way!] by not having lunch with King Harald, Obama miss the chance to bow down to another foreign potentate.

Anonymous said...

Your Orwellian re-writing of the Bush administration's complete lack of foreign policy is stunning and disgusting.

No, what Bush did was just run around threatening people, which is exactly the behavior we can expect from the fundamentalist right wing. Bush was (and still is) a joke amongst the entire world.

Also, you state that you don't care what the Norwegians think, so why would you care if their King is insulted? Moreover, your whole argument is that they are offended, but that does not seem to be the case.

This whole blog post reeks of logical fallacy, rhetoric, and outright intellectual dishonesty.

And to bring up the MLK Jr. comparisons, keep this in mind: He was a civil rights leader pushing for equality, and a cohesive peaceful community. That is the opposite of what you are trying to do with your asinine blog posts.

Keep wallowing in your hate and ignorance true believer.