Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama "surge" is a "restraint".

We learned the awful truth last night, the Obama plan is nothing more then a restraint on the Armed Forces, it appears the supposed Commander in Chief is more interested in ending the war than winning the war. The War in Afghanistan started eight years ago, we have since made serious inroads, though the attention that was needed was not there for some time, Afghanistan is a near stable Nation compared to what it was.

When the United States introduced the "surge" into Iraq, Republicans believed it would work, Democrats we're hoping it would fail. Well, tens of thousands of troops later and with unlimited amount of time to accomplish the mission, the surge was a success, we won the War in Iraq, and even the most liberal of slime admitted the accomplishments of the strategy.

We are no longer in 2007, George W. Bush is no longer our Commander in Chief, and our Armed Forces are no longer receiving the full measure of support they had. Obama is increasing troop levels 30,000, after ignoring the situation for over three months, and sending our troops 10,000 - 30,000 less then what our Generals requested.

The worst part of it all, Obama is not committing our Armed Forces to fight for as long as it takes, vowing to send any amount of troops needed to win this war, or to accomplish the mission, Obama is instead, putting a timeline on victory. Our troops will have 18 months to win this war, or Obama is going to surrender.

When I mean surrender, I mean pull the troops out without completing the mission, winning the war, securing freedom, and the ultimate destruction of our enemies. That is what Obama is proposing, which means..........most Americans will be on their knees the next 18 months, praying to God, that our troops can win this war, before liberalism forces us to lose it.

This is the problem with liberalism, they don't understand we are fighting a war against terrorism, the United States of America is fighting a war against the terrorists who attacked this Nation on September 11th, this is not a peace keeping mission, this is our war. NATO is required to help us, we are not required to fight, it is our will to fight.

God help our soldiers, I just hope our enemies don't hide in caves for the next 18 months, and when Obama surrenders the United States mission, take over Afghanistan again, and make it illegal for the sun to hit the faces of Afghanistan women. I support these troop increases, because I support the war, however, it is a damn shame the supposed Commander in Chief does not.

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