Monday, December 7, 2009

President Obama Admits 'Iraq Surge Worked;' Do You Think the President Will Admit that He was Wrong?

Remember during the Presidential Election when the then-Senator Barack Obama kept stating that the surge strategy in Iraq did not work? Mr. Obama used that talking point to discredit Senator John McCain's war strategy and experience.

Well, when politically necessary, the President has done a 180, changing his tune in regards to the surge.

Fox News Reports:

Gen. David Petraeus told “Fox News Sunday” that the president asked him how troops worked to secure the population and achieve cooperation with various Iraqi factions, and held several lengthy sessions to review how these principles could be applied in Afghanistan.

Petraeus said that while Obama acknowledged the success of the surge, "we've spent a lot of time taking the rear view mirrors off the bus and avoiding re-litigating, if you will, you know, past battles and all the rest of this, and focusing to the future."

Do you believe that the President will admit that he was wrong or mistaken? Do you think the President will ignore the issue entirely? Or do you believe the President will spin this and try to make it seem like he supported the surge all along?

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1 comment:

Reaganite Republican said...

Obama will likely lose this war for us- he clearly lacks the judgement, dedication, and principle to win such a labrilynthine conflict.

He already was caught dozing while the Russians nabbed the Kyrgizstani air base SO vital to any plans for a US "surge" strategy in Afghanistan.

The clueless Obama (and foreign-policy "expert" Biden) were the most vocal opponents of the Petraeus Surge strategy in Iraq, with Slow Joe coming-up with a harebrained plan to surrender and split the country 3-ways.

If America had followed their advice then, Iraq would be an Al Qaida Caliphate by now. ...