Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quote of the Day

So last Friday, I get a note from a friend who says, "You ought to see what's on this blog." I looked at it, and it was Obama, his thesis from Columbia, "so-called Founders," didn't like what they did with the Constitution, there wasn't enough talk about distribution of wealth and so forth. I said, "Well, this has a ring of truth to it," because we've got Obama on radio from Chicago 2001 complaining about the Supreme Court not doing enough about redistribution. So we ran with it, made a big deal out of it in the first hour. In the second hour, I got a note saying, "Hey, Rush, we looked at this, we can't back this up, we can't find any actual sourcing for this." So at that point I warned the audience that it may not be true, that we are still checking it.

-- Limbaugh on the Obama thesis

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