Saturday, December 5, 2009

Senator DeMint for President - Honduras.

Over the past several months, I have been advocating for Senator Jim DeMint (R- South Carolina) to run for the Republican nomination, while at the same time promoting his viewpoints to the Conservative blogosphere. I know from various emails he would be supported, however, I am not sure enough Republicans will support a DeMint campaign.

One of the advantages Senator DeMint would have in a Presidential run, is that he has legislative experience of promoting Conservative values while opposing liberal policies. He has been in the thick of the battle over the past several months, he is the highest rated Conservative in the Senate, and DeMint has one specific accomplishment, none of the possible Republican candidates or Obama himself can tout.

Several months ago, the Interim Honduras President had no support from the United Nations, the Organization of American States, or the United States government, leaving a Latin American country which stood strong against a dictator wannabe and for their Constitution, without one friend in the world. Except for American Conservative bloggers.

Senator Jim DeMint, a steadfast advocate of freedom and the United States Constitution, declared his support for the Interim Honduras President, met with elected officials in Honduras, and supported the decision of removing the dictator wannabe via the Honduras Constitution, which demanded it. Just a few dozen other legislators would declare their support for Honduras in the coming months, as the Obama White House opposed the removal of a dictator wannabe.

While liberals, progressives, and just ignorant people call the Honduras situation a "coup", the Conservative blogosphere has reported and exposed the truth. The truth is, the former President of Honduras (Manuel Zelaya) or the dictator wannabe as I call him, was pushing to have a vote on the removal of term limits from the Honduras Constitution, establishing another dictatorship in Latin American.

However, the Congress, Supreme Court, and the people of Honduras support their Constitution, which prohibits certain parts from being changed, term limits is one of those areas which the government cannot touch. Well, after a week of tense opposition, the dictator wannabe was going forward with a national referendum to absolve term limits, the Congress and Supreme Court jumped into action. Declaring the vote unconstitutional, and removing the dictator wannabe from power, as required in the Constitution.

Senator DeMint was a supporter of those who were attempting to save freedom in Honduras, that is one area he can claim credit in, not even the supposed Commander in Chief supported freedom in Honduras, or at the last the general elections until the last moment. DeMint is a real freedom fighter and supporter, one who deserves our support if he runs for President, not one candidate can match his devotion.

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