Saturday, December 12, 2009

Senator Nelson comes out against Obama care!

We have great news from Washington this afternoon, as it has been announced Senator Ben Nelson will vote against cloture (measure to end debate, and vote on legislation) when the health care legislation comes up for a vote in the Senate, this would effectively kill the legislation once and for all.

Senator Nelson has a well known pro-life voting record, and is among the most Conservative members of the Democratic caucus, residing from the Conservative state of Nebraska, he has to be. With Nelson opposing the legislation, along with all 40 Republicans and Senator Lieberman, the legislation is all but dead.

With Senator Nelson opposing the legislation because of the federal funding of abortions, this will put pressure on Senator Casey (Democrat - Pennsylvania) to oppose the legislation on the same grounds, and other Democratic Senators from Republican states should also reconsider their stance on the health care legislation, as a "yea" vote will equal "unemployment" come next November.

Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi, and President Obama are making all the "political" moves to get this legislation passed, however, the people of the United States of America are bringing awareness to the horrific details of the legislation, support for the legislation is dipping into the thirties, and several Senators are fearing the electorate.

We can defeat this legislation, we need to keep the pressure on Washington, we need to keep the pressure on Senator's Lincoln of Arkansas, Nelson of Nebraska, Byron of North Dakota, Lieberman of Connecticut, among other Democrats from Republican states and those who might oppose the legislation.

Now is the time to fight twice as hard, because the freedom of Americans forever depends on defeating this legislation. We cannot await tomorrow to continue the battle against socialism, statism, tyranny, and the destruction of Capitalism, we have to fight now.

Senator Nelson opposes legislation -

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1 comment:

R4 card said...

Obama says No, the Republicans say he is. One Congressman said he thought what would happen would be illegals would be granted amnesty and then Obama would not be a liar. In the next few weeks maybe there will be an intelligent breakdown of Obamacare and we will know.