Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steps of success in Massachusetts.

The voters of Massachusetts will elect their new Senator in just a few weeks, leaving Conservatives across the Nation who are now starting to pay attention to the race, with just a few weeks to help the Republican candidate in the race, Scott Brown. For those of us who have been following the election and advocating the Brown campaign, this is welcomed news, but for those who are uncertain of what needs to be accomplished, I have a few suggestions.

Step one - Fundraising and Support

Unlike his Democratic candidate, Scott Brown does not have the funding of a candidate for the United States Senate, that would be the first step for a Conservative wanting to help the campaign. As with just a few weeks to go, Brown's campaign needs all of the nickels he can gather, to complete this campaign with a successful conclusion.

Though the battle of endorsements has not been a factor in the race, Scott Brown needs the support of National Conservative organizations, politicians, publications, and well known individuals to help his campaign in the deep blue state of Massachusetts. Though attention has been minimal, I would suggest that fellow Conservatives across America, pressure folks like Sarah Palin, Rob Simmons, and other influential Conservatives to join the Brown effort.

Step two - Unpopular administration

We need to use all possible revenues of success in this election, including the disapproval of Deval Patrick's (D) administration, and the lack of substantial support from Massachusetts voters in regards to the 2010 Gubernatorial election. Scott Brown's opponent is a member of the Massachusetts executive branch, thus connected to the administration of Deval Patrick, this is a connection we can and should use in the battle of opinion, among other points.

Step three - Scott Brown

Scott Brown is not a token candidate, he has been elected to various levels of Massachusetts government over the past few decades, succeeding in a state few Republicans dare to live in, let alone be a representative in the Massachusetts legislature. Scott Brown is a strong fiscal conservative, National defense minded, common sense oriented individual who the average American can relate to. While his politics will not relate with the voters, his opposition to a growing government, being the anti-incumbent, and having a great attitude are all important in this race.

As supporters, we need to tout his qualities as well as his positions to perspective voters in Massachusetts.


According to fellow Scott Brown supporter, and Conservative blogger, William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, Brown's campaign has more support from the grassroots, as evidence of growing Facebook and Twitter accounts, compared to a stale campaign from the Democratic candidate. Another good sign for Brown's campaign.

If these steps are to difficult, than just visit or to lend your vocal support.

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