Sunday, December 20, 2009

Texas cannot secede from the Union, but Montana can.

The Conservative blogosphere erupted this morning, as an obscure film director urged Texas to secede from the United States of America, because we are beyond repair. Besides the fact, the notion a state can secede from the United States for one reason or another is nonsense, Texas does not allow for their state to secede from the United States, and imagine the chaos if it did occur.

We are citizens of the greatest Nation on Earth, with freedoms and rights like no-other people in the world, a Constitutional Republic which has stood strong for over two hundred years, and the blessings of freedom we have prospered under, and we have spread across the world. To imagine a time, when fellow Conservatives are proposing that we self destruct the greatest Nation on Earth, for childish reasons, is saddening.

The reason behind the "urging of secession", is that the United States cannot be repaired from all of the damage, and thus to hell with America, our Constitution, and fighting. Considering the health care nonsense has not passed the Senate yet, it appears House Democrats are prepared to kill the legislation with the abortion funding included, and the Supreme Court must be preparing for lawsuits over the unconstitutionality of the legislation, to give up hope, is childish and ridiculous.

Not to mention, if Democratic efforts to pass this legislation does succeed, I have a feeling Republicans will gain control of the House and Senate with such majorities, the legislation will be repealed.

For reasons of being a good citizen, I decided to read the Texas Constitution, and not one mention of the right to secede is mentioned, in fact according to the United States Constitution, all states must be admitted via the federal Congress, I would assume the same counts for leaving as well, something no Congressman or Senator would ever support.

Also, for those interested in as to whom can secede from the United States, Montana is the lone state that can leave the United States, under specific circumstances. If the United States was to ever violate their contract with Montana, which declares all citizens of Montana have the right to bear arms, Montana could leave, and form their own Nation.

However, considering the Supreme Court has once and for all upheld the individual right to bear arms, and even congressional Democrats are afraid to infringe on the right to bear arms, I have a feeling that will never happen.

For reasons of sanity, can our attention be devoted towards defeating the Democratic efforts to transform America, instead of surrendering our Nation to their darkest desires.

On a side note, R.S. McCain believes Alabama would still defeat the Longhorns, even if the state of Texas did secede from America, , want to wager?

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Harrison said...

TX wouldn't last 6 months on its own.

Paul Klenk said...


If Texas' constitution does not have any provisions for secession, then the remedy is perfectly simple, isn't it? Just amend it!

We may be decades away from needing to secede, but it is a real and legitimate option for Americans under the right circumstances.

Paul Klenk

Anonymous said...

Let's stop with the foolishness of claiming a State cannot secede—of course they can. Texas, as well as 49 other States, have the right to secede. There are three options they can call on to do so, and they can take their pick of any one of the three. Let's review:

Option 1- The God-given natural right as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence (or as some call it the Declaration of Secession). Read the "right" following the ones all good children memorize (you know, "life, liberty, etc"). It says we also have a right to abolish one government and form another one better suited to our safety and happiness.

Option 2 - If you don't like option 1, then the Constitution (simply an agreement between the States) says the States can decide for themselves ANYTHING (that includes secession my friend) that is not specified in this agreement. Please see the Tenth Amendment.

Finally Option 3 - The States are all SOVEREIGN (through the people of the State) meaning they have the ultimate power to decide the issue NOT the federal government they created as their agent. The federal government is not the sovereign authority in this relationship - the States are.

So there you have it - pick any one of the three options and you can secede - no doubt about it. Let's debate the wisdom of secession if you want, but the RIGHT to do so has long been decided and it's not really debatable.

Robert Simms said...

I'd like to see Georgia secede as well, but you know, this has been tried once before and didn't work out so well.
As for Texas vs Alabama....I was sure Florida would have destroyed Alabama; it would certainly do my heart good to see Texas smash Alabama.

Surfers paradise said...

I am from Texas....I don't know what the deal is with Texas, but if you are going to trash us and say that we are stupid, then please learn how to spell, it's then, not than.