Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods Updates

From The Inquisitr:

Another day in the ongoing soap opera that is Tiger Woods’ life, and today we have a threat of prostitution charges in New York, and more of Woods’ preferences in the bed room.

The first, and most serious news of today came after it was revealed that Woods wasn’t just hiring prostitutes in Las Vegas, but in New York City as well, where the practice is illegal. Madam Michelle Braun has claimed that she regularly hooked Woods up with Playboy model Loredana Jolie in Manhattan, a story that has also been confirmed by Jolie as well.

New York City attorney Tom Kenniff told “He could be charged with patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor in New York….it’s a reasonable likelihood” that Woods could be charged.”

Braun also reveal more details on what Woods was up to behind closed doors, saying that her escorts described Woods as being “wild and a lot of fun …. He was tough to keep up with – with days at a time, just on a booze and sex bender.” Further, Woods “liked girl-on-girl…He had sex with them together.”

We should probably add that Loredana Jolie makes it 12 or 13 for Tiger Woods’ mistress count now, but we’re not sure whether we should be counting the hookers or not, so why might just suspend counting for now.

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1 comment:

jeebas said...

instead of counting the mistresses, lets focus on the number of charges tiger may face. celebrity gossip mills are working round-the-clock for more.