Friday, December 18, 2009

To those who linked Jumping in Pools 2.

Senator Nelson opposes Obamacare believed the Jumping in Pools article on Senator Nelson opposing Obamacare was good enough to link, for that we thank him.

Walt Minnick is a dead man linked the Jumping in Pools article on Congressman Minnick's support for the horrific anti-Capitalistic legislation which passed the house last week, much obliged.

Unreligious right interview linked our interview with him earlier this week, good for him!

Health care deadline - Christmas linked the Jumping in Pools article on the Christmas deadline which involves health care legislation, and what it means. Thanks!

Jihad interview linked the Jumping in Pools interview we conducted with him, one of our best - all time.

Legal Insurrection linked the Jumping in Pools article on Scott Brown and Hoffmania, we are much obliged for his linking.

Libertarians and Conservatives linked our articles dealing with the Libertarian Party, all in fun.

I'm running for Congress, and here is a link! linked our article on his campaign, Congressman Jim Moran being corrupt, and to add a few extra linkings to our great site, we appreciate it.

That is all for this week, I wish more blogs would link us, however, that would mean more Conservative blogs would be on the Gateway Pundit "dangerous" list. Don't want that....

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