Friday, December 11, 2009

To those who linked Jumping in Pools.

Authors note - this is a new feature at Jumping in Pools, where each weekend we will highlight those who have linked us over the past week, while cursing those who did not link us over the past week.

Last Conservative standing

  • linked his own interview with Jumping in Pools, earning him some nice face time, and Jumping in Pools a few extra hits.

Scott Brown received nomination

Max Baucus girlfriend received 500,000 in taxpayer dollars

Huckadakakis Presidential ambitions are over

Dondero on Libertarians and Conservatives working together

Just politics

  • has linked the website in general, his just conducted interview with "the boss", Matthew Avitabile of Jumping in Pools, and deserves accolades for linking Jumping in Pools, please visit his site.

There we have it for this week, as Insta Pundit found nothing he likes on Jumping in Pools this week, The Other McCain has been busy with another edition of blog wars, and Charles Johnson was too busy attacking the right, to attack us again.

If I missed something, please email me at

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