Saturday, December 5, 2009

Visit The Reaganite Republican.

Please visit this great Conservative blog, , because this is an awesome Conservative blog, they have linked Jumping in Pools, and I said so.

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R4 card said...

Huckabee is among the top contenders for 2012, something like this that hurts him with his base will be used, most likely by Palin who shares much of the same base and stands to gain the most by Huckabee going down.

varsity lakes said...

You know, it takes one hell of a lot of nerve to ram deeply-unpopular spending down our throats... then engage in character assasination when we finally speak-up about it.

varsity lakes said...

Yes. He is a self-admitted big-time supporter. Reagan had colon cancer. McCain has had cancerous spots on his face. The two aren't related, though.