Friday, December 11, 2009

Wikipedia slanders another Conservative.

I have a question for Wikipedia, what is more important? Factual information on your website with monitors constantly checking "user" added information, or letting a website supposedly factual letting slander run free without check.

The slandering of Conservatives on your website is getting old, and the process which allows it, regardless if it be ignorance or intentional, should be changed to present factual information, not intentional misinformation.

- Me, as published on December 1st 2009, in regards to Wikipedia allowing the slander of the Canada Free Press on their website.

While some will call me a "whiner" or a "complainer" in regards to articles I have written about the bias of Wikipedia, however, let us remember Wikipedia is a well used tool of tens of millions of Americans, if not more. I would expect such a large Internet encyclopedia would be concerned with presenting factual information, instead of intentional misinformation.

I guess Wikipedia just doesn't care, because another week has passed, with another Conservative blogger the recipient of slander, and the halls of Wikipedia are allowed to be roamed without question, allowing misinformation to spread, another reason to purchase books instead of reading Wikipedia information.

Robert Spencer, the well known owner of the Conservative website, Jihad Watch, is the latest victim of liberal spin on the popular Wikipedia, as the "editors" of Wikipedia allow claims of racism to go without question or editing.
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I might be just a lone nut job, however, it appears Robert Spencer is being accused or labeled a racist (Islamophobe) without being accused in the open. Robert Spencer is a Patriot, who has the stones to report the news the Main Stream Media will not, we are facing a dangerous threat inside and out of the United States, and most of those who threaten the United States, are Islamo-Fascists, who follow the word of Jihad as written in the Qur'an.

The truth hurts, however, as in the words of Robert Spencer "Islam is not a monolith, and never have I said or written anything that characterizes all Muslims as terrorist or given to violence. To call attention to the roots and goals of jihad violence within Islamic texts and teachings, and to show how jihadists use those texts and teachings, says nothing at all about what any given Muslim believes or how he acts. Any Muslim who renounces violent jihad and dhimmitude is welcome to join in our anti-jihadist efforts.".

Wikipedia, please hire full time EDITORS to review the "citizen editors" and "citizen edits", so the intentional misinformation is corrected, that is...........if you actually want a factual website. I will work for you, without prejudice to correct all misinformation, and to allow information which is documented via reliable news sources.

Also, please visit Jihad Watch for the information of the hour,

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Anonymous said...

You do realize YOU can edit Wikipedia, right? There's a little button at the top that lets you change the text and all.

If you think there's liberal bias, please try to fix it, though naturally don't put a conservative bias or it won't be an improvement.

Try using their own rules to justify your edits.