Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wikipedia slanders Canada Free Press.

Wikipedia the online encyclopedia, is well known for their leftward tilt, especially in regards to Conservative websites, editors, bloggers, writers, legislators, etc. Well, I was looking up the background of the Canada Free Press, and I stumbled upon the wikipedia page for the Editor of the Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod.

I discovered that liberal spin is alive and well.
Judi Ann T. McLeod (born 1944) [1] is a Canadian journalist who operates the conservative "news" website Canada Free Press (CFP).

According to the Wikipedia page, Judi McLeod is a Canadian journalist who operates the conservative "news" website Canada Free Press. I just have one question, in the mindset of liberalism, what is the definition of a news website?

The Canada Free Press is well known for reporting Conservative news, as well as various viewpoints and opinions from right of center individuals, such as myself. Think about it, the cover of the Canada Free Press is dedicated to recent news stories, as well columns from various folks.

Check for yourself, http://www.canadafreepress.com/ , tell me it is not a news website. I see a lot of news stories, editorials, articles, opinions, columns, etc. Looks just like your regular newspaper, with one twist, the opinions espoused are factual and truthful.

I have a question for Wikipedia, what is more important? Factual information on your website with monitors constantly checking "user" added information, or letting a website supposedly factual letting slander run free without check.

The slandering of Conservatives on your website is getting old, and the process which allows it, regardless if it be ignorance or intentional, should be changed to present factual information, not intentional misinformation.

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Paul Klenk said...

Anyone can edit Wikipedia. Stop whining and remove the scare quotes. It takes a couple of seconds.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.i like it.:)


bathmate said...

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Anonymous said...

"Because without America there is no Free World" That doesn't sound like a news website to me.

Yup said...

Exactly, because more news sites have a lean to it. The statement "Because without America, there is no Free World" is a factual statement making this more of a palpability.