Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Republicans: Follow the example of JC Watts.

According to published news reports; close to three dozen black Republicans will be fighting for seats in both Houses of Congress this November, something most of the media has ignored, and a movement that most of America would never had expected in November of 2008, when over 95% of black Americans supported Barack Obama for President.

Out of those three dozen black Republicans (note to new readers: I never capitalize the words "black", "white", "yellow", etc. when discussing race, it's against my nature) political experts are predicting that six of them have the greatest chance of winning: Including Allen West, Les Phillip and Angela McGlowan.

Could you imagine the House of Representatives with three to six black Republicans? Liberals would commit suicide, President Obama would brace for the end of times, Senator Byrd would hold secret meeting's again, all hell would break lose. If Liberals thought a Congressman Watts was bad, imagine several of them.

Speaking of JC Watts, a proud Conservative Republican who was even asked by Rosa Parks to remain in Congress when he decided to retire, all black Republican candidates who are elected should follow JC Watts in one particular fashion: Refuse to join the Congressional Black Caucus on principle and honor.

It's true that most black Republican candidates are running in "deep blue" pockets of the Nation, such as Issac Hayes (the black Minister) and Michel Faulkner (another Minister, God bless his soul), but the important part is that their running. For too long the overwhelming Conservatism of blacks has been stifled and ignored.

Conservatism on life. Conservatism on marriage. Conservatism on business. Conservatism on America. Conservatism on Martin Luther King Jr.

Perhaps I'm reading into this subject too much, but I'm optimistic that the "black vote" will one day be just as divided as the "white vote", and that no party can count of the millions of "black" votes, just as neither of the two major parties count on the millions of "white or brown" votes.

Vote Republican. Support local black Republicans. And please follow the principle of JC Watts if elected to Congress, my black Republican brothers.

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