Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jihadists Angry About South Park-- Can We Just Offer them Sarah Silverman?

The Islamists in this country are angry at Trey Parker and Matt Stone for almost putting-- *gasp*-- up a picture of Mohammed in their episode. Not only this, they threatened to kill them, or as they put it it would be 'unfortunate' if they just happened to be suicide-bombed.

So I offer a compromise.

The jihadists are angry at American comedy, I guess (even though most of it bashes Bush and other people the jihadis don't like). And maybe they're angry at Comedy Central specifically (even though they wussed out at the end). So why don't we just give them Sarah Silverman and call it even?

I think it would save a lot of harm and get her to shut the hell up. I think it would go something like this:

COMEDY CENTRAL: Sarah, we love you, doll, so we're sending you to the Oscars.

SILVERMAN: Poo poo, lalalala, pee!

COMEDY CENTRAL: That's right, Sarah. Now fit into this burka.

SILVERMAN: I think I'm hot!

COMEDY CENTRAL: Okay, Sarah-- now your other leg.

SILVERMAN: Jesus ate my baby!

COMEDY CENTRAL (to self): How did we ever hire this tard?

SILVERMAN: I couldn't even carry ratings following South Park!

COMEDY CENTRAL: Okay, now fit yourself into this mail dropbox.

SILVERMAN: I'm so smart!

COMEDY CENTRAL: And put this fucking gag in your mouth. Sheesh.

So there it goes. Silverman gets eaten or something, television is saved, and the Islamists shut the hell up. Genius.

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Jimmy's Wang said...

They've got plenty to be angry about!

They don't have access to any of the NEW viagra I've found!!!!!!!!

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Sr. Frijoles said...

word I second that