Monday, April 26, 2010

La Carta de la Raza?

We have some word via Politico that President Obama is calling for so-called "surge" voters, or those who vote during Presidential races but not on off-years to come and upset the November elections. These surge voters mainly include young and black voters. There is a bit of an uproar about this, but let's take a look at this.

Is it illegal? No. Immoral? Not really.

But it is problematic. President Obama basically said between the lines:
You might not know much about politics and only voted in 2008 because Jon Stewart said I was "cool," but you should totally vote now even though you're clueless.
He's playing identity politics, pure and simple. He's done it before-- to great effect. These groups voted overwhelmingly for him in 2008 and if they actually come out in 2010 (most probably won't) they would vote heavily Democratic. Ah, identity politics-- cause we all know the GOP is racist....

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