Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Romney sitting on political gold?

Mitt Romney, the former Republican Governor of Massachusetts is a smart businessman who is known for turning around the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic games, but I'm not sure the former Governor is aware of his current political situation.

A situation of sitting on pure political gold.

What could I possibly mean by suggesting Governor Romney is sitting on political gold, considering I'm well aware of the Romneycare baggage and how that issue has plagued the former Governor. Well, for those who appreciate history, Cal Coolidge was one of our greatest post-Founding Father domestic Presidents, after Abe Lincoln of course.

Why? President Coolidge was not only a man of few words, a staunch "government cutter" on a federal scale, but he was also a dedicated federalist from Massachusetts who understood the role of state and federal government on the exact same issue, and how the "role" differed between the two.

Still baffled? See, when President Coolidge was slashing the federal budget, downsizing the federal government, and decreasing the federal income tax, he was doing so from a federalist mindset, something we know from his record as Governor - He did the complete opposite on those just mentioned issues while Governor, because as Governor he had a right to, but not as President.

Back to Mitt Romney's political gold: President Coolidge is well respected and beloved for his economic and small government policies, along with his dedication to federalism. If Mitt Romney will govern as Coolidge did on a federal scale, we could be looking at an exceptional President who values states rights and their "role" in governing, thus restoring the lost art of federalism.

Over the past few months Mitt Romney has used variations of "states right" arguments to defend Romneycare while bashing Obamacare, but he just hasn't hit the nail on the head. He needs to research Calvin Coolidge, and declare himself a Calvin Coolidge federalist to the American electorate.

Only then will he win receive the Republican Nomination, and only then will he be elected the 45th President of the United States of America.

What say you?

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Terri Wagner said...

Excellent point I hadn't even considered. If Romney said loudly and longly hey MA wanted a heathcare plan so we worked it out but it's for them and not for all of us...he could dig himself right out of that hole he's in.

Editor said...

Thanks for the compliment. While I was thinking last night about the potential 2012 GOP race and Romney being involved, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As long as folks can understand that "Federalism" doesn't equal "hypocrite" Romney could be sitting on political gold as I wrote.