Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Jeb Bush Might Not be Such a Bad Idea

Politico has an article up and Hot Air has linked to it about the possibility of a future Bush in national politics. Of course, this is Jeb Bush, the well-known former governor of Florida. Jeb is George W.'s brother and with a voting population not too enamored with the Bushes, the logic of having him be the face of the GOP might not seem like a great idea.

That being said, there are some advantages.

  • Credibility: Bush was a highly successful two-term governor of Florida. He was consistently conservative on many issues and remained very popular.
  • Experience: Bush pushed through landmark legislation including an education overhaul. In a time of economic uncertainty, the fact that he also served as the state's Secretary of Commerce is a big plus.
  • Demographic appeal: Bush is a converted Catholic and is able to play to both the Protestant and Catholic populations. Bush is also married to Columba Bush, who is Latina. Bush is fluent in English and Spanish and has a following among the state's Cuban-American population.
  • Popular in a swing state: If Bush was at the top of the ticket, the GOP would carry Florida, period. His appeal would also reach into increasingly Latino states in the West.
So don't count out this solidly conservative success story. Yes, he might have the "baggage" of the Bush name, but he would make a good President. And think about it: could he actually be worse than Obama.

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Harrison said...

Two Bushes were enough even if he's qualified.

Editor said...

Two Bushes might be enough, but Jeb Bush was a good Governor in Florida and he is far more on the right than President Bush was. Though, I would like a fresh GOP candidate in 2012, not another Bush.