Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isaac Hayes on National Guard: No Thanks.

It is being proposed by two Illinois' State Representatives that the Governor of Illinois should call on the National Guard to impose order in the City of Chicago. Well Isaac Hayes, a Republican candidate for Congress, announced his opposition to such a plan this morning on his campaign blog.

Citing the Fourth Amendment protection against "unreasonable search and seizure" and how the National Guard would be unfamiliar with the layout of Chicago, unlike local cops who have strong relations with local leaders, Isaac Hayes has instead called for a "police surge" of 100 county and state law enforcement to secure a perimeter "and provide a safe zone for job creation and small business investment".

I agree with the Reverend on his proposed "police surge", especially since his plan is based on the successful Iraqi and Afghanistan "troop surges" over the past few years, adapted for law enforcement reasons of course. However, it wouldn't matter if we declare martial law and only the gangsters and thugs were left in Chicago: The problem is deeper.

None of these gangsters are attracted to crime for social-economic factors, or because there is not enough job creation, but for the lack of father figures in the black home. The solution is the black family reorganizing into a whole once again. I know the word "organizing" was used in relation to Chicago, but it's true - If the biological fathers don't step up to the plate within the next few years, than nothing will ever change in Chicago.

As for Isaac Hayes: Despite running in one of the most Democratic districts in America, this man is one hell of a fighter for our common Conservative causes, and against a common political foe: Jesse Jackson Jr, a radical in his own right. It's true that Hayes' has a relative small chance of winning, unless a massive scandal erupts between now and November, but he's a candidate who deserves some help from regular Conservatives across America, whether that help be five bucks or five hundred bucks.


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